Taking Stock, Taking a Leave

. The first post on this blog is dated December 2, 2008, so I have been blogging as of the date of this post, four years, three months and two days. I began when Julia and I hit the road during a sabbatical year, traveling the country in our motor home researching Native American life. […]

eight cuts on the sad red earth

The other day I offered the happy report that the sad red earth has been short listed for the Christoper Al-Aswad Prize. Today, Dan Holloway’s eight cuts, administrator of the prize, is highlighting the sad red earth on the eight cuts blog, part of a month long introduction of the finalists before the announcement of […]

The Normblog Profile of the sad red earth

Norm Geras, normally (as in all things) a man of exceptional judgment, has inexplicably chosen me to be the subject of this week’s Normblog profile. His folly, or mine, here.* AJA *And while you’re there, don’t just focus on me (and why would you do that, anyway?): explore Norm’s blog. You’ll find it immensely rewarding. […]