eight cuts on the sad red earth

The other day I offered the happy report that the sad red earth has been short listed for the Christoper Al-Aswad Prize. Today, Dan Holloway’s eight cuts, administrator of the prize, is highlighting the sad red earth on the eight cuts blog, part of a month long introduction of the finalists before the announcement of the prize winner on October 1. Since here in the U.S. this is Labor Day, where, curiously, to honor labor we do not labor, so I shall not further, why not hyperlink over to eight cuts in (so to speak) the U.K., where the most recent stand taken on labor was to vote it out of office. You’ll find that Dan himself labors tirelessly, both as a stand out writer and as a promoter in every way he can conceive of the written and artistic labors of others. I rest my case.


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