The Normblog Profile of the sad red earth

Norm Geras, normally (as in all things) a man of exceptional judgment, has inexplicably chosen me to be the subject of this week’s Normblog profile. His folly, or mine, here.* AJA *And while you’re there, don’t just focus on me (and why would you do that, anyway?): explore Norm’s blog. You’ll find it immensely rewarding. […]

New Work

BloodLotus Issue 14 October 2009 ————————————————————————————————— Global Viewpoints Indigenous Peoples My poem “Myth” appears in the latest issue of BloodLotus, just hitting the screenstands. “Aboriginal Sin,” which originally appeared in Tikkun, is now reprinted in Global Viewpoints: Indigenous Peoples. The textbook anthologizes significant works and statements on the situation of indigenous peoples around the world, […]