Photography, Fathers, and Mayors

When Gil Garcetti was voted out as Los Angeles District Attorney in 2000 after two terms, he turned his dedication in life to another love besides the law – photography. In the years since, he has become a respected figure in the L.A. and broader photo community. He is especially known for what has become […]

Picture This: 5 – A Hollywood Premiere

Wasn’t it ever so – small-town girl with her big-time dreams moves to the City of Angeles, hits it big, goes Hollywood? And so it is again. Julia Dean, that’s right, that Julia Dean, and this Julia Dean, once of Broken Bow, Nebraska, sometimes of these parts, and always of The Julia Dean Photo Workshops, […]

Buenos Aires and Montevideo with The Julia Dean Photo Workshops

It’s not too late. If you are a photographer of any level who wants to learn anything from the basics to the photojournalistic techniques of street shooting, join Julia and me, along with the usual gang of intrepid traveler-photographers, for eleven days of color and fascination in Argentina and Uruguay, Feb.1-11. The workshop, during Montevideo’s […]