Picture This: 5 – A Hollywood Premiere

Wasn’t it ever so – small-town girl with her big-time dreams moves to the City of Angeles, hits it big, goes Hollywood? And so it is again. Julia Dean, that’s right, that Julia Dean, and this Julia Dean, once of Broken Bow, Nebraska, sometimes of these parts, and always of The Julia Dean Photo Workshops, […]

Uruguay (Ooruɣwai)

Uruguay, they say in Ooruɣwai, is the ubiquitous ham in the sandwich between the baguette-size slices of Brazil and Argentina. If it bites on those populations, the teeth are heading for the Uruguayans (Uruguayos – Ooruɣwaishos) The 3.3 million-person nation (1.1 million in the capital of Montevideo) is formally the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. According […]

Photo Workshops

Julia will fly back to Southern California to teach two photo workshops from 1/17-1/24: The Crash Flash Course in Escondido and Mastering Your Flash at the Venice Beach campus. There are still a few openings in each class, so if you have an opening in your own schedule, register here, here, or check out the […]