Buenos Aires and Montevideo with The Julia Dean Photo Workshops

It’s not too late. If you are a photographer of any level who wants to learn


anything from the basics to the photojournalistic techniques of street shooting, join Julia and me, along with the usual gang of intrepid traveler-photographers, for eleven days of color and fascination in Argentina and Uruguay, Feb.1-11. The workshop, during Montevideo’s Carnival week, will be led by Julia and Uruguayan photographer Martin Herrera, while I tag along to write, blog, and generally muck things up.

Visit The Julia Dean Photo Workshops homepage for details.

The photo above is by Dercum Over, a participant on our last Buenos Aires trip in 2005. Over several subsequent visits to that magnificent derccity, he documented the lives of The People of La Boca, a Buenos Aires barrio. He went on to earn an M.A. in journalism, for which his documentary thesis focused on a La Boca squatter settlement. Derc is a Conradian figure who pursued his own riverboat journey in Africa, and who, boon and stalwart companion and ex-bartender that he is, energetically jumped into the fray on the official occasion of my last unofficial service as bouncer at a Julia Dean Photo Workshops party. Just last week, he left for two years service in the Peace Corp in Guatemala.

If you missed this video last time around, it is worth repeating to extend the temptation.

Music: “Vuelvo al Sur” by Astor Piazzolla
Artwork: Fabian Perez
Video: PoohParandeh

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