The Dangers of Golden Dawn – and National Public Radio

. Where do we find the licensing body for the journalistic profession? Who are the determinants of journalistic malpractice? There are none. Sanction for malpractice can be found only in the response of the audience. What price will National Public Radio pay for the following travesty, aired this morning and, of course, disseminated widely, such […]

Reasoning Gone Off the Rails: Jerusalem’s Light Rail Project

It is, so far, impossible to run out of examples of how intellectually corrupt much contemporary thinking is on the subject of Israel-Palestine. Today, Adam Levick at CiFWatch offers a mundane municipal illustration by way of Jerusalem’s soon to be operational (in its first phase) Light Rail line. Levick tells us that the first line will […]

Objectively Speaking

Journalists are people too – no, really – so of course they have opinions. But there are opinions and then there are OPINIONS. I frequently have OPINIONS. But I’m not foreign editor for National Public Radio. Loren Jenkins is. Read the account by CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Mideast Reporting in America) of Jenkins’s comments […]