The High Spark of the Low Heels, Boys

Politics is a contemptible business. Public service, that’s something else. Government? That’s not what politics is. Politics is a sewer. It leads those who participate in it, especially in any regular form, to employ every low human behavior except, generally, murder, though accusations even of it are not now unheard of. And because the politicians […]

Ten Questions for Monday

All right, move it along. The weekend is over. Get back to work. A person is asked whether the many tens of millions of dollars in anonymously donated funds being spent in this election year by third party organizations corrupts the political process. His response is “When people are losing on the issues, they talk […]

The Personal Is Not Political

I have been traveling on the East Coast all week, and will be for a while longer, which is why blogging has been light, except for my definitive statement on postcolonialism, the literary canon, and Newt Gingrich, rendering the first two no longer necessary subjects of discussion and, with any justice, ending the puny political […]

The Hidden World of Girls – Brave Heart Women’s Society

From The Hidden World of Girls website: A NEW KITCHEN SISTERS RADIO SERIES ON NPR THE KITCHEN SISTERS are launching a new NPR multimedia series exploring the hidden world of girls. Stories of coming of age, rituals and rites of passage, secret identities—of women who crossed a line, blazed a trail, changed the tide. This […]

Objectively Speaking

Journalists are people too – no, really – so of course they have opinions. But there are opinions and then there are OPINIONS. I frequently have OPINIONS. But I’m not foreign editor for National Public Radio. Loren Jenkins is. Read the account by CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Mideast Reporting in America) of Jenkins’s comments […]