The Hidden World of Girls – Brave Heart Women’s Society

From The Hidden World of Girls website:


THE KITCHEN SISTERS are launching a new NPR multimedia series exploring the hidden world of girls. Stories of coming of age, rituals and rites of passage, secret identities—of women who crossed a line, blazed a trail, changed the tide.

This Monday’s story on Morning Edition, the Brave Heart Women’s Society, Sioux Girls Coming of Age in South Dakota

Brave Heart Women’s Society from The Kitchen Sisters on Vimeo.


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4 thoughts on “The Hidden World of Girls – Brave Heart Women’s Society

  1. Hi Jay, Thank you so much for spreading the word about the Hidden World of Girls story about the Isnati Coming of Age in South Dakota. Gina — good luck with your dream of a non-profit. Please write into the Hidden World of Girls blog about it. We’d love to include it.

    All best,

    Nikki Silva
    The Kitchen Sisters

  2. Oh Thank you !! I love the whole idea of the hidden world of girls. I am a psychotherapist that is starting up Belle Ami groups for pre teen, teen girls & women I can’t wait to share these stories with them!!!! My hope is to create a non-profit for girls/women, mothers/daughters and those needing a community of support from women. I so believe in the concept of rituals-and how we as a society are neglecting them. It is the women/girls who come out of abusive family systems-where rituals were harmful- are in need of other women to come and introduce them to beneficial rituals etc. I now have one more reason to be happy about Monday Mornings and KCRW!

    1. I fell behind in responding to some commenters because of my down time last week, so here is a quick catch up.

      Maureen, thanks for you many comments. The tools and datatbases for ancestry searches are improving regularly. If you haven’t recently, you might want to give it another go. Also, I tried to embed the Brave Heart video in my post, but I always have troubles with Vimeo that I don’t with YouTube. The html editor kept dropping the code.

      charlie k, Julia is still marveling at that color process. Also, thanks for the mazel tov, but, really, mazel – me? Jazz soon.

      Diane, your is generous support is deeply valued. It helps me to write what I write. I see why you do what you do.

      Mona, Kristy, your humor buoyed me.

      Dan, you da man.

      And Zubyre, thank you for your several interesting comments. You wrote:

      Poltical is a word that covers, as a concept, our whole life, what we eat and drink is political, it’s related to commerce and industry, art, feelings — political = life. And yet the word political reduces life to being something vaguely about power. Wouldnt you agree?

      Yes, I do agree that the idea of the “political” reduces life to considerations of power , which is precisely why I reject the notion that all of life is political: that notion, if you think about it, is the foundation for totalitarianism.

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