The Right in Retrograde

From Brent Barker of Newsbusters:

In her debut Sunday morning as host of ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour, the long-time CNN international correspondent brought a foreigner’s perspective to the program as she treated her lack of knowledge and familiarity with U.S. politics as an asset and the current New York City resident seemed to say that after more than two decades of covering the world she had decided to allow herself to deal with U.S. politics now that “the story in this country is turning into one of the most fascinating.” She asserted in an opening explanation: “I’m also eager to open a window on the world.”

It is too be expected that a conservative like Barker might object to the apparently more liberal-minded Amanpour. She does, too, have her biases and has not always produced the best reporting, as in her CNN report “God’s Warriors.” However, she is a naturalized U.S. citizen, and even were she not, Barker’s immediate reference to her “foreigner’s perspective” is one more causal signal of the retrograde xenophobia of today’s American Right. And she isn’t merely a foreigner – she’s a foreigner who lives in New York City and who wants “to open a window on the world.”

Feel the shudder of the know-nothing nativism?



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