Ten Questions for Monday

The weekend is over. Back to work.

  1. Should Shirley Sherrod sue Andrew Breitbart? What damages and punitive award, if any, would you think appropriate?
  2. From what you know, how would you compare the moral character of Sherrod and Breitbart?
  3. Is the NAACP’s asking Tea Party leaders to repudiate racist elements in the Tea Party an equivalent of conservative politicians’ asking the NAACP, in reaction, to repudiate the New Black Panthers?
  4. How much should people be responsible for their associations? What kind of associations?
  5. Should bloggers be considered responsible – in the matter of their reputations – for the character of their commenting sections? If objectionable comments are occasional? Frequent? Posted without response or rejection by the blogger?
  6. Should individuals be judged in any way by the views of their friends and relations? Any distinctions? May conclusions fairly be drawn from a public figure’s failure or refusal to repudiate the controversial or objectionable views of a friend or relation?
  7. Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts has written, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” Assuming the sincerity of those who would, simply, agree with that statement, are there any conclusions that might naturally or even fairly be drawn from the reality that many of the white people who do agree only became outspoken on the subject when they believed the discrimination to be against white people? Or is that not so?
  8. Hypothetical: if past discrimination had demonstrably produced a result in which a definable segment of the population had received an overwhelming majority of even an expandable pie – say, 90% – and policies could be devised through which no individuals would be discriminated against, but which would help ensure, in rectification, that a greater portion of the existing or expanding pie was distributed to population segments previously discriminated against – would such policies qualify as discrimination?
  9. Do you think the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is or was worse for the country than Sarah Palin?
  10. Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson?



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