No Cant or Sanctimony on Andrew Breitbart

. Consider that Andrew Breitbart was a contemporary new media turn on Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Imagine either of those two dying not in the faded aftermath of their celebrity and achievements, as they were, but at the height of their notoriety. That said, I will be very surprised to read a fairer, wiser consideration […]

Ten Questions for Monday

The weekend is over. Back to work. Should Shirley Sherrod sue Andrew Breitbart? What damages and punitive award, if any, would you think appropriate? From what you know, how would you compare the moral character of Sherrod and Breitbart? Is the NAACP’s asking Tea Party leaders to repudiate racist elements in the Tea Party an […]

“At Long Last, Have You Left No Sense of Decency?”

We won’t fool ourselves. It is not just a cruel world. It is often a monstrous one. So what is one woman’s job and reputation? Decency and honor are not the defaults among us. They are the achievements. We don’t fall from grace. We rise to it. And we have been here before, many times. […]