The Most Fundamentally (© N. Gingrich) Dishonest Candidate Since Richard Nixon

. Let’s not speak of Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. The Mormon Church isn’t one of the longer running cults in the world, but that wouldn’t matter so much if it were the source of a person’s principled goodness in the world. But when various public figures began months back to dance gingerly around the subject of […]

Mourning In America

. A nation doesn’t lose its freedoms in foreign lands. It loses them at home. Atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not diminish American democracy. Neither will drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan. The GOP is doing that under our noses every day, right now, in cities and the states, in the congress of […]

Tea Party Republic

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips apparently thinks it’s worth considering restricting voting rights to property owners because they have “a greater stake in the community.” Presumably, the more property you own, the greater your stake, and the less time you have been in the country, the smaller your stake. Weighted voting, anyone, among even […]