Stephen Colbert, Bread, and (Congressional) Circuses

“Not everybody feels that irony and satire has a role in American dialogue. People are entitled to their opinion,” Lofgren told me. But the point isn’t the role of satire in American dialogue — it’s the appropriateness of farce at congressional hearings. via Ruth Marcus – Stephen Colbert becomes another circus of Congress’s making. Of […]

March to Keep Fear Alive

America, the Greatest Country God ever gave Man, was built on three bedrock principles: Freedom. Liberty. And Fear — that someone might take our Freedom and Liberty. But now, there are dark, optimistic forces trying to take away our Fear — forces with salt and pepper hair and way more Emmys than they need. They […]

I Know There’s a God Because There is Stephen Colbert

I’m late posting today because I’m working on that long post I promised last week to piss everyone off. In the meantime, a monkey hitting a keyboard randomly for a thousand years would one day type: I Take Sen. McConnell ‘At His Word’ When He Says He’s Not A Human-Turtle Hybrid. The Colbert Report Mon […]