Conquest Leaves a Sour Taste

. Who’d a thunk it? Five hundred and twenty years of military assault, ethnic cleansing, physical and cultural genocide, theft, lies, deception, dishonor, broken treaties – oh, you can’t even count the number of broken treaties – broken trusts and misappropriation of funds, and nothing seems to work quite right. Things are – how do […]

Forty-Five Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty Six Days (or Thereabouts)

. Many top stories are receiving their usual high levels of attention, from the structural taxation reforms bandied about in the face of the “fiscal cliff” that is really a graded driveway to Israel and Gaza. What receives no attention? The usual, including from among the far left advocates of “peace and justice” who pretend to be […]

Ancestors and Descendants: Ancient Southwestern America at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century

If you are in, or in reach of, New Orleans this fall and share this blog’s interest in Native America, be sure to catch this exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. A little known American Indian archive is currently on display at the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) until October 24, 2010.  […]