“Special” Rights and the Accomplices to Discrimination That Are Those Who Call Them So

In a recent Indian Country Today essay, Peter d’Errico, the eminent Native American rights advocate, argued that “we need to be careful with the phrase ‘special rights.’ Perhaps we shouldn’t even use it.” In this instance, I think d’Errico is too moderate in his judgment. d’Errico was writing about the term specifically in its application […]

A Proper Apology to Native America

Though I have been advocating for a few years now an annual day of remembrance of the crimes against Native America, to coincide in historically instructive fashion with Columbus Day, Thanksgiving is, for what should be obvious reasons, a good time to remember too. Indian Country Today reports, President Barack Obama will be asked – […]

Ancestors and Descendants: Ancient Southwestern America at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century

If you are in, or in reach of, New Orleans this fall and share this blog’s interest in Native America, be sure to catch this exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. A little known American Indian archive is currently on display at the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) until October 24, 2010.  […]


It’s everywhere. You look to your right: it’s stupid. You look to your left: it’s stupid. Open a newspaper (really – does anyone “open” a newspaper anymore?): stupid. Turn on the television: stupider. Michael Steele, Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin? So stupid. It may not be contagious, but it sure is influential. What’s a non-stupid […]