Letter from Guatemala, Part 2

. Development Ideology – Fraud or Nuisance? (II) by Dercum Over (Dercum Over recently completed a two-year service with the Peace Corps as a volunteer Healthy Schools coordinator. The Peace Corps officially discourages independent journalistic expression by serving volunteers, so he waited until his two years were concluded before writing this essay. Parts of it […]

Madrassas, Mosques, Migrations III

3. Migrations Migrations came first. In search of food, shelter, safety. Changes in climate. Then agriculture, and people took root. Until the soil was depleted. Then floods. War. Conquest. Migration. Only later came the boundaries. My land. Your land. Their land. A better land. Now emigration. Immigration. Legal. Illegal. Welcome. Not welcome. People move over […]

Madrassas, Mosques, Migrations II

2. Mosques Bad feelings, it should come as no surprise, are not good for us. Anger, resentment, bitterness, even hate are all human emotions – they are emotions, so they are human – but we are told they are not healthy emotions, and surely, in time, in the experience of them, we feel that they […]