Jazz Is: 30 – My Funny Valentine

I periodically have to offer the disclaimer that while this series was conceived to offer interesting video of fine jazz performances, I do at times reserve the right and make the exception, under the Make the Exception clause, section 15, part B of the Reserve the Right rules of 2010, to be so bowled over by a performance that damn the video you gotta hear this.

This version, among Chet Baker‘s many, of “My Funny Valentine,” is from his 1979 Round Midnight recording in London. Don’t listen for the well-known melody; you won’t hear it. What will you hear? From the top comment on YouTube:

What more could I say? This has to be one the most artistic performances ever recorded in the history of jazz.

Chet Baker’s playing is top of the line, no doubt about it. I also especially love the double bass solo starting at 03:57. Throughout the track, the piano and the bass together really form a solid canvas for the trumpet to solo on.

Phenomenal musicianship. Just the kind jazz that would send me away to the some other worlds.

Simply a surreal experience.


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