The Spectacular Arrogance & Ignorance of Steven Pinker’s Scientism

What is one to make of an essay seeking to bridge a purported divide of understanding between science and the humanities – in which the humanities are said to fear and mistrust the sciences – that opens with the sentence, “The great thinkers of the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment were scientists”? The essay […]

How We Lived On It (50) – The Daughters

. Music: Tim Story, “The Daughers,” from Shadowplay. Art: Elizabeth Colomba    Related articles Being In and Out of Time ( How We Lived On It (49) – The First Hippie ( Jazz Is: 38 – “Nature Boy” ( Eating Poetry (XXXIV) – Time Is the Fire (

Jazz Is: 39 – Blue Rondo à la Turk

. Giving Los Angeles (or West Coast) cool jazz a whole new meaning. These guys simply take wing. The Dave Brubeck Quartet on “The Lively Ones” television show, first broadcast July 25, 1962. Related articles Forgotten Gems From The Dave Brubeck Quartet ( My music playlist for today (May 6, 2012 edition) ( Take Five by […]

Jazz Is: 38 – “Nature Boy”

. For a marvelous contrast, sample both of the versions below of eden ahbez‘s famous jazz ballad, “Nature Boy.” The first is a classic, serenely tasteful rendition by Nat King Cole, who first performed and recorded the song. The second, longer performance is the stunningly inventive rendition arranged by Ross Burford and Connaitre Miller for Howard University’s Jazz […]