As the sad red earth Turns

As you know if you have been a follower of this blog, I have withdrawn from the regular blogging of the past nearly five years in order to devote more of that time and energy to longer-form and more varied writing projects. The sad red earth is transforming into my writing website, where I will maintain the archives of the blog and where passages from and links to my latest writing elsewhere will appear, along with re-posts of commentary published at other sites, and some occasional essays just for the blog. I have been trying to offer something, in whatever form, once a week.

Yet I find I cannot hush myself. Shorter scattered acerbic shots across the bow of the world, usually with links, can be followed throughout the day on Twitter through my tweet stream, handle @thesadredeath. There is a follow button at the upper right of this page and a “micro-blogging” feed below as an alternative way to follow the stream from this page.

There is a Facebook Like button for the sad red earth also at the top right. Clicking on that will take you to the sad red earth Facebook page, where I am now offering in much shorter takes, but longer than in tweets, the kinds of material that once would have appeared on this page along with my longer essays. The Facebook page, too, has a feed here, all the way down at the bottom of the two right columns. (Go take a look.) So, if it pleases, when visiting here, you can also see what I’m blabbing about on Twitter and harrumphing about on Facebook, all for the one low price of nothing.

You can chat me up at any of these locations.

In the meantime, read the most recent post here below.


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