Yaacov Lozowick and The End of Israel

I have encountered no clearer-eyed writer about Israel, its situation, and its place in the world than Yaacov Lozowick, author of the blog Yaacov Lozowick’s Ruminations. He wishes to live in peace with Palestinians and other Arab peoples. He is no fanatical supporter of settlements. But he does not excuse and will not ignore the animus long directed and acted out from those quarters against Israelis and Jews. He will not ignore the frightening growth of left wing anti-Semitism masquerading as postcolonial advocacy for the oppressed. He does not ignore the array of hypocrisies in the consideration of Israel by its opponents, or by NGOs or news media driven always by the dog of what’s hot and what’s not.

Yaacov is former Director of Archives at Yad Vashem. He is the author of several books, including Right to Exist, A Moral Defense of Israel’s Wars. Norm Geras at Normblog profiled him here.

Today, apropos of the growing anti-Zionism that actually imagines an end to Israel, and the inclination of some to blame Israel for that possibility (about which I’ll write more later) Yaacov offers this essential statement. It’s a must read.


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