Wikileaks Unvarnished: the Power of Satire

Seek out someone who supports, however grudgingly, a continued U.S. effort in Afghanistan, who supports, too, the work of Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Find a person opposed to remaining in Afghanistan who is also critical of Assange. In either case, listen, because you won’t have either opportunity often. Attitudes in controversy tend to be self-confirming, a state of mind and affairs not conducive to critical thinking.

This is the complete, unedited interview by Stephen Colbert of Julian Assange, originally aired on The Colbert Report in its edited version on April 12, 2010.  You will find no more incisive and revealing interview of Assange from any professional journalist, a commentary both on the state of journalism and the critical, revelatory force of satire. At times, Colbert’s comic persona is indistinguishable from the fiercest kind of straight reportorial examination. He controls the interview and deftly pierces pretension.

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2 thoughts on “Wikileaks Unvarnished: the Power of Satire

  1. Just before you start patting each other on the back, Wikileaks had already done the hard word – gaining access to the loot so the press had no choice but to tag along. Julian Assange must be commended though for his choice of newspapers.

  2. “It is better to know than not know.”

    “We have a Harm Minimization Process….”

    “Making cash off of suffering of others. . . is a model for journalism?”

    Colbert is marvelous here. Great post, Jay.

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