Wiki Way Native America?

Courtesy of NewPages Blog, our attention is pointed to NativeWiki, “a free, open-to-the-public library of information about indigenous nations and peoples (past and present) of the world. We feature major sections on Nations and Peoples, Documents and Materials, Geographic Regions and a Picture Gallery of selected images. Begun in April, 2007, we currently have 1,308 content pages, 1,176 media files, and 2,229 registered contributors”

NativeWiki is a project of NativeWeb, of which a founder and current president is Peter d’Errico, who helped create the Legal Studies faculty at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, where he still teaches. Peter, a career-long Native advocate and legal expert was highlighted here at the sad red earth editorializing a few weeks ago about the need to overturn Johnson v. M’Intosh, the 1823 Supreme Court decision that formalized the Doctrine of Discovery, the legal rationale for the conquest of Native America.


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