We Shall Remain

If you haven’t yet heard about it, a remarkable five-part series will air on PBS’s The American Experience beginning in April. Entitled We Shall Remain, the co-production by Native Public Media (an Unusual Suspect, blog right) and WBGH of Boston offers a new perspective on American history – a Native perspective, from the Mayflower through the 1970s.  That it might seem appropriate to end the series thirty years ago is a major reason that Julia and I are working on the project we blog about on these pages. Fittingly, part four of the series, “Geronimo,” tells the story of the Chiricahua Apache, whose story is so intimately connected to the history of the San Carlos Apache Reservation, from which Julia and I have been blogging these past nearly two months. We hope to post about the February 17 Geronimo commemoration any day.

You can access the We Shall Remain library guide, with much background information, here.