Voices of Iranian Democracy Undiminished

We get absorbed in our own lives. We overlook. We forget. All of the struggle is only so that each of us can sit in the sun, play with a child, watch a ball fly, hear a tune crooned, create.

But for others the struggles go on. There is a very great one transpiring, continuing since June, a courageous Iranian people standing up daily, unarmed, undiminished, to tyranny. They are in the streets now, knowing they could die, dying, yet unbowed. We should not forget them.

You can follow reports and incoming video at Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish, which has been a leader in coverage since June, and at The New York Times news blog The Lede.


3 thoughts on “Voices of Iranian Democracy Undiminished

  1. It is possible that agents provocateurs are involved. The question of “who benefits” might shed light on who supports these possible agents.

    Still, there is an obvious dissatisfaction among the people where rebellious motives would not be surprising. Those willing to take a stand are courageous as only their anonymity would save them from severe retaliation from government.

  2. Kinda looks like Pittsburgh, only not all that high tech police and military stuff. We’re on their heels to totalitarianism.

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