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Amid the tedium of unpacking from our trip to Ecuador and the almost countless other occupations I should have been taking up, I’ve practiced some avoidance by futzing around here at the blog. What, I wondered, have been the most frequently read posts in my just over three years of blogging? The results prompted an idea. The spring semester began yesterday, and your opinionated host will be quite busy this first week. What say, I thought to meself, you give your loyal readers some prominent posts with which to soothe the aching heart, just in case they should miss you awfully much? (Let my affection be not unrequited, please.)

Find, then, below, as a kind of belated celebration, after three months, of my third anniversary of blogging – which went unheralded back in November – those 15 most read posts during the red earth’s reign of sadness. These are followed, in arbitrary assertion of my right as host, by several other posts I have thought to favor and that did not betide to make it into the top ranks in readership. Nothing personal, I’m sure.

Read, read often – or so I’m paid to say – and thanks, of course.

Drum roll, please…

1.  “About

Am I that fascinating? Well – you clicked on it. I would not have – how should I say it – the Trumposity to call attention to this page’s (to my utter, humble surprise) number one position were it not for the excerpt it offers from Julia’s India Journal – with sublime color photo – and the close to my 2006 article on the 80th anniversary of Route 66. Take it away, Buzz.

2.  “Democrats Are Punks

It’s the title, for sure, which no doubt, drew a ton of unsuspecting Tea Bagging conservatives.

3.  “Blink 1 – In My Bedroom

From the days when I still offered some new creative work on the blog, the first part of an extended meditation on death, still in progress, and a first draft, as are all my efforts here.

4.  “Big Government II: What Preserves Us

It ain’t over. It will never be over. Suck on it.

5.  “Blink II – In Far Rockaway

I’m from it. Not dead yet.

6.  “Owning Culture: Indigenous Rights and the Elgin Marbles

You don’t own me

7.  “The Honor of the Mascot, or A Team by Any Other Name

Tomahawk chop this.

8.  “Mind Games I

Keep playing them. Plato did.

9.  “Christopher Hitchens, Glenn Greenwald, and the War of Ideas

The most recent entry onto the list. Guess.

10. “In a Navajo Way

Travels in Indian Country.

11. “Historical Identity and Cultural Responsibility

It’s one nation, through time – we inherit its sins along with its riches.

12. “The Malice of Mondoweiss

It didn’t take long to see through this couch case of an anti-Semite. “Mama!”

13. “A Death in Summer

A memoir of my friendship with Antony Alda.

14. “Eight Bad Arguments for Torture

And they’re bad.

15. “Obama in Oslo: Power without Empire

What neither conservatives nor Puritopians can see in him.

And then some personal favorites that occurred to me.

Australopithecus sediba calls us to the things of this world.

Maybe the original 1% – and whey we exist.

Fear plutocracy.

My past, a friend from it, and a question about myself.

On what would have been my father’s hundredth birthday.

Run for your life.

And finally

At the close of a year of it, I meditate on the nature of travel.

4 thoughts on “The Top Fifteen

  1. One of my oldest friends is a die-hard conservative, but he’s a big Giants fan, as well. And I know when I see him, we’re going to relish this one. I enjoy that we find that common ground and even laugh about our political differences. He’s also a longtime Giants season ticket holder, and when PSLs were introduced, you bet your ass he suddenly became a populist.

    Not that I’m totally done with the Giants, but I’m starting to think pitchers and catchers. I’m a long suffering Met fan (and whatever team is playing the Yankees). And you?

    1. I thought about making “Vice” a manager’s pick, but since you’ve been kind enough to promote it repeatedly, I thought I’d give other posts some playing time. As for the Giants, I’ve been struttin’ in the end zone since Sunday,

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