That’s What They Think, Thursday 1/28/2010

Jeff Weintraub, Comments and ControversiesPass the Damn Bill

He’s been saying it all week long: Democrats, don’t be punks.

Corey Kilgannon, The New York TimesSerpico on Serpico

For film aficionados and New Yorkers of a certain age: Frank Serpico today. How a whole life can turn on one series of events.

Jeffrey GoldbergThe Taboo That Just Won’t Shut Up, Chapter 43

Just how completely absurd is Andrew Sullivan? Goldblog demonstrates for us.

Michael J. Totten, Commentary A Third Lebanon War?

And when it happens, how much in denial will how many people be that the theo-authoritarian military organization Hezbollah has hijacked Lebanon, funded and armed by Syria and Iran. See also

Howard Schneider, The Washington Post: Hezbollah’s relocation of rocket sites to Lebanon’s interior poses wider threat.

Maybe they mean what they say.

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