That’s What They Think, Thursday 2/18/2010

Amnesty UKHuman rights are for all: Response to media article

And if the Allies had violated any of what we now think of as Herman Goering’s human rights, would Amnesty International, upon his release, have stood on podiums with him to champion those rights? Evading-the-Point 101, or the downward spiral of self-interested, self-righteous rationalization – what AI is supposed to oppose.

Matthew Yglesias Meet the tea party

In other words, well-to-do conservative white men don’t much care for Barack Obama’s policies. Which, of course, is something we already knew from the exit polls back in November 2008.

It’s historic, not since all the way back in – when did Ross Perot live?

Christina Bellantoni,  TPMDCVirginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Rolls Back Non-Discrimination Protections For Gay State Workers

From the most recent GOP poster boy. Just hit delete.

Jillian Rayfield, TPM LiveWire Did We Say Health Care Summit? We Meant Jobs Summit

If only the President would talk openly with us in front of the American people. We want to be bipartisan. Really. We do. We want to. Did we say “really”? Look at our faces. Would we be full of it?

Leon Wieseltier, The New RepublicThe Trouble with South Park

A reply to Andrew Sullivan’s reply.

What, precisely, does any of this extenuate? There will be times in which the emotion of the moment will overwhelm me, too–and those are the times in which I will choose not to write. I do not see that Sullivan’s hotheadedness absolves him of anything. He is not right because he is intemperate and he is not wrong because he is intemperate: he is merely explaining belief in terms of temperament, and mood, and identity, all of which have no bearing upon the substance of any discussion. Compose yourself, man, and think. For a deeply felt opinion may be false, and even pernicious. In intellectual life, volatility has no authority, and spontaneity is not a virtue, and neither is sincerity.

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