That’s What They Think, Friday 2/19/2010

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While conservative critics are gazing in the mirror, and the others are looking elsewhere, the Obama administration is waging real war.

Adam HollandRon Paul website mourns anti-Semitic author

A new crack sprouts in Paul’s pot’s spout.

Barry Rubin, GLORIA CenterWhy Isn’t There Peace? One Reason: Few People Know How Much is Being Offered

Of Israel’s critics

In 2010 they have no idea what Israel actually offered in the 1990s’ peace process, or at the Camp David summit in 2000, or what President Bill Clinton offered with Israel’s agreement in December 2000, or what Prime Minister Ehud Olmert proffered in 2008, or what is in the current Israeli government’s peace offer in 2010. All proposed the creation of an independent Palestinian state, the first three in close to 100 percent and the last three as equivalent to 100 percent (with some small, equal land swaps) in size to the pre-1967 West Bank and Gaza Strip….

Outside Israel, far fewer people than should do so understand this reality. And that includes journalists,academics, and politicians. If they address the issue at all, they presume that Israel is asking the Palestinians to make some huge or unreasonable concession. Often, as noted above, their understanding of Israeli views is more than 20 years out of date.

Mark Athitakis, American Fiction NotesRereading

Very curious. Other than the commitment in time, would we question viewing a painting again, replaying a song, attending the revival of a play?

AskPhilosophersOn Material Cause

Or, for that matter, what’s the material cause of Bullshit

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