Ten Questions for Monday

Weekend over. Work, back to it.

1.     What is it about Argentina or the United States that led the former to legalize gay marriage long before the U.S. is likely to on any national level?

2.     In disagreeing with CNN’s decision to fire Ocatavi Nasr for praising Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, Thomas Friedman of The New York Times argues,

I prefer to get my news from a CNN reporter who can actually explain why thousands of men and women are mourning an aged Shiite cleric — whom we consider nothing more than a terrorist — than a reporter who doesn’t know at all, or worse, doesn’t dare to say.

What is the logical flaw in this argument?

3.     What is your understanding of why, how, and by whom the New Black Panther case was dropped by the Justice Department? From what source did you gain that understanding?

4.     If you learned that a source of news or commentary had misled you about the facts of the New Black Panther case, what affect would that misrepresentation have on your thinking?

5.     Do you think unemployment benefits (or any kind of government financial assistance) discourages people from looking for work? If so, what is your sense of the percentage of people who lose their motivation to work? How high does that percentage have to be in order to justify denying the benefits to everyone? How low must the percentage be to justify it in the purpose of helping those who are honestly out of work?

6.     What is your favorite film noir? Why? What, for you, are the essential elements of film noir?

7.     Can there be journalistic “objectivity” without intellectual judgment? Does the fact that some party, even a government, contests an idea, require journalists now to choose their language so as not to appear to make a judgment in the dipute?  If an act previously considered torture, and always referred to as torture, is now claimed by the government not to be torture, are journalists being objective by ceasing to term it torture? Or are they half acceding to the contesting argument?

8.     If a government leader, prior to government service, attempted to stage a military coup against a previous elected government, can he, without renouncing that prior act, persuasively denounce the political activities of his opponents?

9.     Washington, Jefferson, or Hamilton? Were any of them un-American?

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10.  Which former star of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis went on to a long, still current career in public office?



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