The Open Mind I: Wrap Up

So I have posted, on the subject of Native America, “Call Me Irresponsible,” and ShrinkWrapped has riposted. His commenters have contributed in full measure. We’ve had a couple of other voices. Where do we stand? One ShrinkWrapped commenter had some sage advice at the start: let’s practice listening carefully to each other and asking clarifying […]

“Mass on the San Carlos Apache Reservation” at Tikkun Daily

See Julia’s photo essay “The Catholic Church” (on the San Carlos Apache Reservation) in the Tikkun Art Gallery, and the post about our work on the Daily Blog at Tikkun Daily, with words by Jay. Look back, too, if you missed it, at “The American Indian Church” on Tikkun Daily, photos, again, by Julia, words […]

“The American Indian Church” at Tikkun Daily

Check out Julia’s photo essay “The American Indian Church” (with a little verbal assist from Jay) in the art gallery section of Tikkun Daily, the new online adjunct to the  admirable Tikkun magazine. The photos were shot on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona. AJA

Not Your Grandfather’s (Grandfather’s) Apaches

Check out this striking and, ahem, high energy account in the Apache Moccasin of this year’s annual Apache Skate Blast on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, hosted as always by Art and Skate Board Warrior Douglas Miles and his Apache Skate Boards. Skate teams, bands, and vendors, Native and non, came from all parts. The […]