Apologies: Authentic and Inauthentic

When I first posted about Rick Sanchez at the start of the week, I considered closing with some thoughts about the alternative ways Sanchez could handle the inevitable public statement and apology. I chose not to, but knew anyway that the most likely choice would be the carefully worded, inauthentic utterance of someone coping with […]

People Give Themselves Away

They do. They really do. Once they cross a certain psychological border of irrational – but always rationalized – bias in their thinking about a subject, and it thus emerges as a kind of fetish, they give themselves away. They can’t help themselves. Often, the clues are subtle, though hardly hidden, and they are frequently […]

Demonstrating Rick Sanchez and Other Things

From Gawker, first indications of Rick Sanchez’s response to events – through his wife. Rick Sanchez—the CNN anchor who was fired after insinuating that Jews control the media—might be coming out of hiding. According to Sanchez’s wife, he called Daily Show host Jon Stewart (the target of Sanchez’s remarks) to say “sorry.” In an update […]

Reading Rick Sanchez

What is most fascinating and instructive about Rick Sanchez’s little eruption into psychodrama – beyond its half-life as this week’s media melt down story – is what it reveals about the interaction of personal grievance with social envy in producing both ethnic prejudice and class resentment. Beyond that, even more richly, Sanchez, who apparently prided […]