The Gentleman & the Boor

I didn’t even know last night was the night of the Al Smith Dinner, with which, of course, I am familiar, as the Washington and Catholic Church insider that I am. But fate set me down in front of Rachel Maddow at just the right time, so I was in virtual attendance. I’ve seen them […]

Pride of a Partisan

. As much as some people might be apt to choke on the mere thought of it, ahead of the very thing itself, the central node of American political tendencies was to be found this past Friday, June 23, 2012 in a studio at Television City, in California, on Bill Maher’s Real Time. What? you […]

Same World, Next Year

I’m an ambivalent blogger, my engagement with the world always tenuous. Though as a child I was a very shy, I am not that now. But according to the Myers-Briggs assessment, I am an introvert. This news will shock a lot of people. But the Myers-Briggs definitions of introvert and extrovert are different from the […]