The Boston Marathon Bombing and The Faith Privilege

This article first appeared in the Algemeiner on April 23, 2013.  You can read the follow up there now: “A Campaign of Willful Blindness on Terrorism.” The Boston Marathon bombing provoked enactment of what has emerged, since 9/11, as a ritual of political theater refined even beyond its long history of performance. Even while law […]

The Open Mind II: The Dangers of Obamacare

For round two of our stirring exercise in blogocracy, ShrinkWrapped begins by arguing in the negative-affirmative, so to speak. Resolved: Obamacare is a danger to American healthcare delivery. As before, for SW’s round, comments here at the sad red earth are closed. Liberals and progressives of all becoming stripes, healthcare wonks, and every kind of […]

Obama and Native Rights

Perhaps only Washington, Lincoln, and FDR came into office with more people placing more of their hope in them than comes Barack Obama. Probably only Washington assumed the presidency with greater expectations of actual greatness from him. Among all the remarkable features of the Obama story, this is one – that a man of distinction […]