The Gun Party Crazies

. Talking Points Memo has a piece today about how “The White House Just Set Gun Rights Activists Ablaze.” Over the weekend, the Washington Post reported the gun violence task force led by Vice President Biden is considering gun legislation “far broader and more comprehensive…than simply reinstating an expired ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition.” …. […]

The NRA and the Irrational Right

. There is room elsewhere for indignation at the NRA’s response today to the Newtown mass murder of children and educators by a mentally ill young man whose gun-owning mother apparently did not keep her firearm’s beyond a disturbed son’s reach. The outrage should be universal. But the irrationality is that of the American right, […]

The Duty to Retreat from Standing Your Ground

. When awful incidents like that of the Trayvon Williams killing occur, good outcomes are the attention they draw to existent social conditions, such as the continuing role of race in our relations and the advent of “stand your ground” laws in so many states. A characteristic bad outcome is how the discussion of these […]

The Insurrectionism Timeline

Not that I lack a proper regard for my own intellectual product and scribble, but today will be a day for sharing some better reads of the past twenty-four hours or so. Image via Wikipedia After Representative Gabrielle Giffords and others were shot in Tucson two weekends ago, some on the Left, repelled by two […]