I Apologize

. Jonah Lehrer has apologized to his readers for manufacturing quotations in his latest book, to Michael Moynihan for lying about it, and to himself for self-plagiarizing his blog posts for The New Yorker. Fareed Zakaria has apologized to Time and CNN for plagiarizing a paragraph of an article from Jill Lepore at the New […]

Benjamin Franklin & U.S. Grant on the American Constitution

Harvard historian Jill Lepore had an excellent piece int The New Yorker a week ago on “the Constitution and its worshippers.” In it she quotes from the speech the frail Benjamin Franklin had delivered for him just before the signing of the document on September 17, 1787. We have a record of it from the […]

The Face of Things to Come?

Given tomorrow’s well-predicted outcome, let’s sharpen our focus, all extraneous considerations aside. Historian Sean Wilentz a couple of weeks ago gave us this essential consideration of Elmer Gantry Father Coughlin Lonesome Rhodes Glenn Beck’s extracted essence of John Birch Society and the lesser known Willard Skousen. Much to his own credit, Ron Radosh conservatively gave […]