Living in History

. I am reading Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands. I would be interested in the history anyway, but I have a personal interest too. Snyder identifies the “bloodlands” thus: The bloodlands were where most of Europe’s Jews lived, where Hitler and Stalin’s imperial plans overlapped, where the Wehrmacht and the Red Army fought, and where the Soviet […]

Cinefile – “I’ll be there”

Yesterday, the Republicans, who begrudge laid off workers their unemployment benefits and once more threaten not to extend them, refused to extend tax cuts for any American because they couldn’t get them for every dollar over $250,000 for the affluent and wealthy. That’s what they stand for. In the well of the Senate, Bernie Sanders […]

The Personal and the Historical

One of my continuing interests is the intersection of the “ordinary” individual life and the historical moment. My own father, Meyer, or Mac, had many. Born in a small shtetl in Ukraine before the Russian Revolution, he emigrated to the United States, arriving, still a teen, in 1927. In the early Thirties, at the height […]