CineFile – Chinatown

Some great films enter the culture, above and beyond their artistry, by striking emblematic gold. In an image, a scene, a line, they make an essential statement that the audience loves both for its insight and its expression. Roman Polanski‘s Chinatown has at least two of those emblematic expressions. One is found in Faye Dunaway‘s Evelyn […]

CineFile: Elevator to the Gallows

What do you get when you put together Louis Malle, Miles Davis, Jeanne Moreau Maurice Ronet, Lino Ventura, film noir, the advent of the French New Wave, and the birth of the Cool? As this past week’s Jazz Is might have promised, even a trailer that is memorable. [ad#adsense] Related articles CineFile: The Birth of […]

Go to the Theater this Sunday

Last Sunday on the sad red earth saw the thirteenth and concluding installment of the film noir Double Down. (You can catch up with DD here. Man murders his rich identical twin, assumes the twin’s identity, and pursues the same woman, a detective, as a lover – what’s not to like?) Beginning this weekend, the […]