How We Lived on It (35) – Photographer Lu Guang & the 2010 Dalian Oil Spill

On July 16, 2010 China suffered what has been called its biggest oil spill, perhaps as many as 365,000 barrels of crude oil. (The Exxon Valdez released 270,000 barrels.) The New York Times reported on questions about China’s official account. The Big Picture offers many stunning photos from AP and Jiang He, for Greenpeace. Here, […]

How We Lived on It (34) – Pierre Gleizes and Greenpeace

Photographer Pierre Gleizes has worked for Greepeace for three of the four decades the environmental campaigning organization has been in existence. He has shot some of the organization’s most striking and well-known images. This year, Greenpeace turns forty. This video offers the photographer’s thoughts on his long career as journalist and activist. Follow Greenpeace Video […]

Earth Day Climate Change Conference

Officially titled the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, the conference, running from April 19 though tomorrow is being hosted by President Evo Morales of Bolivia, which has the only majority indigenous population in the Western Hemisphere, at approximately 55%. The following press release from the Indigenous Environmental Network […]