The Selling of American Democracy

Free speech in an America of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy. Under a Tax-Exempt Cloak, Dollars Flow to Political Causes With every election cycle comes a shadow army of benignly titled nonprofit groups like Americans for Job Security, devoted to politically charged “issue advocacy,” much of it negative. But they are […]

Next, Corporate Marriage

My post about the just rendered Supreme Court decision on campaign spending limitations, Corporations Are People Too, has received some comments that require response enough to deserve a post. Basically, the argument is that, no, really, corporations are people too, and liberals are frauds for arguing otherwise. I have already acknowledged that the law has, […]

Corporations Are People Too

Yesterday a five-judge liberal conservative activist majority conservatively radically respected overturned a century of multiple Supreme Court precedents and with respect contempt for the original intent of the framers, more fully than ever declared that corporations are people deserving of “special rights” – the right to buy elections. (You don’t have enough money to buy […]