CineFile – The Last of the Mochicans

. From my recent Geronimo post, we’ve had a brief discussion in the comments section about John Ross, Chief of the Cherokee at the time the Great Removal (in contemporary terminology, “ethnic cleansing), or Trail of Tears, and Andrew Jackson, and who should really be on the $20 bill. One of the actors in the […]

Sam’s Amusements

At Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Capitol of the Cherokee Nation: Coming to a town near you in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas 1. Setting Up 2. Base Camp: Indian Village RV Park 3. Carnival 4. Winding Down, Closing Down The Cast April Apodaca Barry Weddleton Becky Surber Brian Bishop Dan Peek Debra Miller Jack Branam Jacob […]

Blog Love

Don’t know why I’ve only just discovered him, don’t know how he isn’t bigger than Kos and Instapundit combined, but Patrick Barkman, blogging as The Local Crank, is my current blog throb. Barkman offers “Musings & Sardonic Commentary on Politics, Religion, Culture & Native American Issues.” About himself: Just a simple Cherokee trial lawyer, Barkman […]