Maureen Doallas, the Columbus, Magellan, and Vasco da Gama of bloggers, always discovering new worlds in this one while navigating the idea-swept oceans of the Web, leads us to another:

Debut of Australian Indigenous Art Website

A new Website showcasing Indigenous artists from urban Australia has debuted: Storylines.

A joint effort by The University of New South Wales and the open-access Dictionary of Australian Artists Online (DAAO), the site seeks to fill in “a gaping hole in information about Aboriginal art”, according to Tess Allas, a project director and an associate lecturer at UNSW’s School of Art History and Art Education. Allas and an assistant spent more than three years, from 2007 through 2009, traveling around Australia to collect information about and help write biographies for hundreds of Indigenous artists in urban areas. (The biographies, some 600 for Storylines, are published on the DAAO site.)

It’s an impressive site. Anyone with an interest in indigenous cultures, art, the art of indigenous peoples, or the commercial politics of indigenous art will want to explore it. But don’t go without a guide. Visit Maureen at Writing Without Paper first and benefit from her overview and the supplemental list of resources she provides to Australian indigenous art.



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