Profiles in Anti-Unionism

I wrote on Friday, highlighted in the commentary at Texas Insider of former Reagan speech writer Clark S. Judge, about the kind of fundamental dishonesty on display in the arguments of those advocating a roll back of twentieth century social progress in worker’s rights and labor conditions. I expanded here on the comment I left at Texas Insider, in which I focused on only one misrepresentation, in the citation of outdated polling data. There were, wouldn’t you know, many follow up comments, only the very next of which was directly responsive to mine. That one started out,

You can legalese and dispute this date or that poll all you want—–

Making distinctions in the consideration of ideas and arguments is “legaleze.” Pointing to the use of outdated polling data – not to consider, further, its accuracy – this is mere quibbling. For this writer, like this one, facts are not to be permitted to interfere with what the person is inclined by attitude and rotten disposition to believe. For, said commenter further opined,

We knew we were being abused for years, just didn’t know exactly where and when and by how many….You Union folks are the jug heads here—the union bosses won’t lose a dime of wages or one night’s sleep worrying about you.

That would be the unions – to clarify – who are the where, when, and how many. So this gentleman, having investigated the economic realities of capitalism generally, and the U.S. over the past thirty years, has concluded that it is unions – presumably he is here focused on public sector unions – and the “union bosses,” who we know just run everything,  who have “abused” the American middle class. I have resisted over the past few weeks repeating the joke popular among may simply from my aversion to crowds, but is not this fellow its poster boy?

A public union employee, a teabagger, and a CEO are sitting at a table with a plate of a dozen cookies in the middle of it.  The CEO takes 11 cookies, turns to the teabagger and says, “Watch out for that union guy. He wants a piece of your cookie.”

Then there was this delightful fellow.

ONCE again this SOCIALIST FEDERALIST regime involves itself UNCONSTITUTIONAL in a states business….so be prepared for DEEPER cuts necessary in the Federal Budget so you can HELP support the MAGGOTS in Wisconsin.

This guy went on, in a follow up, to link to The Blaze, a Glenn Beck affiliated blog, and Blaze Exclusive: Socialist Mantra Hidden in Grade School Chants, a post that has been tweeted 470 times and liked on Facebook 5,469 people.

As I write, the last, most recent commenter has offered,

Unions have lost their usefulness and everyone knows it right whether they will admit it or not. It’s time to move into the 21st century…


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