we would be light
as lifted burdens leave us when they go

we would that our greenhouse homes
glassy and round, cutless of corner, be
biospheres that ease us through
the hard vacuum
of all that outer space beyond

we would live
as if made to be here

our gardens grow
and that was last year in Provence
before Tuscany
when Lilith learned to fly

……………………………………………..the boys
would be grown now  so tall
and full of promise if we’d had them
if we’d made
that rock our thing

but all our particle charm        is not
massive enough, the dark matter
you can count on
the darker energy
a flight from what weighs us down

alas      poor Camus
we do not always find
our burden again
but sometimes are drawn
from what holds us together
expand forever in infinite drift
the cold dim death of the farthest lights
so far from their brilliant creation
invisible and cheerless and slow


originally published in Adagio Verse Quarterly, October 2005

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