9 thoughts on “Photos along the Way

  1. Love these photos, really enjoy the story each of them tells. The light with the black and white effect is just beautiful as well, thanks.

  2. Ms. Dean

    This is very good work. It’s like you give your camera a human eye. Ah, Mobile, AL…I’m trying to track long lost half siblings down there. Eagerly anticipate more of your work!


  3. My initial impression of the first shot was of a kiva. Strange how our own experiences can often interfere with what’s actually being presented. Obviously, this happened because of the Peltier article which was the first I read when discovering your site. And, maybe because I happen to be Native American as well.

    Then I realized you were down in Mobile visiting the ship. I think it might have been about 30 years ago that we visited during my husband’s early enlistment in the service.

    Love the black and white photography.

    1. Good deduction. We were in the submarine torpedo room. Julia spent a long time working the light and the entrances and exits on the stairs. Black and white, and light, are a major focus.

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