Obama & Bin Laden: “A Politically Courageous Decision of the First Order”

Steve Schmidt, 2008 political adviser to the John McCain campaign appeared yesterday on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and demonstrated what it means to be a “political opponent” and not a “political enemy.” While many other conservatives, in their grasping meanness, have sought to diminish President O’bama’s leadership in his action against Osama bin Laden, while reaching to claim credit for George W. Bush and justify torture, Schmidt hailed “a decision-making process that was impeccable.” He described the decision to send Navy Seals on so risky a mission “a politically courageous decision of the first order.”  Said Schmidt, Obama “ignored all of the political consequences and he executed his oath as commander in chief of this country.”

All the other responses that seek to qualify and even belittle Obama’s leadership in this act are small, including any puerile justifications based on the excesses perpetrated against Bush. People who cannot recognize an estimable opponent diminish only themselves: they are the squawkers and the second rate.

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