O. M. G. WTF P.U.


The perfect bitter loss.

Except for 0-2, the Los Angeles Clippers led EVERY SECOND of the game last night UNTIL the Minnesota Timberwolves tied it with a three pointer at what turned out to be (with a .6 second correction) 1.5 seconds remaining. This three pointer AT THE BUZZER won it.

(Courtesy of friend Barret, our seats were far below this camera and midcourt. Friend Brandon, a Clippers fan from Minnesota, couldn’t lose.)

2 thoughts on “O. M. G. WTF P.U.

  1. I feel the agony of Clipper fans, but as a Knick fan, the “perfect bitter loss,” will ALWAYS be 6’10” Charles Smith not dunking in Game 5 of the ’93 playoffs against the Jordan/Pippen Bulls. Tied 2-2 in the series, but down 95-94 with seconds left, Smith has the ball under the basket and…

    He. Kept. Trying. To. Lay. It. In.

    “Smith, stripped, Smith stopped, Smith´╗┐ Stopped again!”

    Oh, the humanity.

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