Mental Health Model of the Month

The following, over the transom, from a passionate fan of the blog, in response to one of my semi-comical offerings, “It’s Work Being a Jew.” It was delivered by the good offices of ┬á, which provides internet anonymisation services intended for those under authoritarian governments and in sensitive fields under threat. Also, thus, used by the likes of the below.

The most endearing line is the one I’ve bolded. Perhaps the reader could recommend his own Doctor of Physick? I must say I’m impressed by his work.

Otherwise, I’m sure if we could just sit down and talk things over.

It’s amazing you believe your own smartass pigsh*t

None of you mistakes of european DNA are jews, stop pretending..who do you think you are still fooling in 2011? some special breed of goy that can’t understand how kikes work?

You people are sh*t worshippers and cock suckers, that means mental problems and you would rather be fake jews and swindle the goy than fix up your heads.

All your jewsheesh friends and relationships are false, it’s sickening to watch your kind socialise in that fake ‘jewey’ way.

If it wasn’t the thrill of abusing the easy goy keeping you together, you would stab each other in the back and rob and bleed each other

What fuckin sick sorry creatures your are!

Go to hell and see how well the master of lies will fulfill his promises to all you devils in human form

And get out of fukin Palestine you non semite, anti-semitic assholes!

Is fuckin’ without the “c” pronounced fookin‘? Is this from Liverpool?

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