Make Tomorrow


My previous post represents my appeal to the intellect. This is a different appeal on behalf of that progressive vision of tomorow.

Julia and I lived through 9/11 in Prague. After several days there, we drove to Vienna for a stay, then traveled by train to Budapest. Later we returned to Vienna to pick up our Peugeot and drive through the mountains into Italy and across the North to the Riviera.

In Budapest, in a music store on Váci Street, I picked up a tape by Peter Gabriel of his lesser known Ovo live performance recording. It includes the song below, to which I listened all throughout our drive through the Alps and to Verona. Sometimes during the long hours of driving, Julia would lift her head from my shoulder at my behest to catch a glimpse of Julie Andrews running across a high meadow above. As often, I drove while she slept, staring ahead, my deeply bruised spirits salved by this song.

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