Jazz Is: 3 – Jammin’ the Blues

I’m repeating this “Jazz Is” entry from “How We Lived on It” (2), but it is so exceptional, no collection of jazz riches should be without it. The better quality of the two full-length versions available at Daily Motion is ad defaced, while the other has very poor video quality, and Mili’s filmmaking is too fine to show so poorly, so I have stuck with the driving second half. The first half is well worth putting up with the ads for the splendid film opening and Marie Bryant’s slow tempo-phrasing of the lyrics. Here, we get more Jazz greats than you can count in your dreams, and Bryant and Archie Savage dancing like you don’t even dream about.

Ladies and gentleman, mesdames et messieurs, mentches un maidels – get ready to swing.

from Jammin’ the Blues

Directed by Gjon Mili

Sax: Lester Young & Illinois Jacquet

Trumpet: Harry “Sweets” Edison

Piano: Marlowe Morris

Drums: Philly Joe Jones & “Big Sid” Catlett

Guitar: Barney Kessell

Bass: Red Callender

Dancers: Lindy Hop legends Archie Savage and Marie Bryant

Full ten minute short film available at Daily Motion.

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